Call upon the Rt Hon Mr Boris Johnson for National Day of Prayer

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Our country is in crisis due to the coronavirus; our government is doing the best it can, but surely we need to call upon God for help.  

During World War II King George VI called for the nation to pray on Sunday 26 May 1940 with miraculous results.

I realise we live in a diverse society with many different religions; many however still regard Great Britain as a Christian nation and this would therefore be an appropriate response. It would not be compulsory for all obviously, but a call from the top for collective prayer could produce miraculous results as it did in 1940.  Seven times throughout WWII there were calls to national days of prayer and the final result was astounding.

So I call upon our Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson to call for a national day of prayer.

May God help us and heal our land.

Mrs Susan Hawkes