Black British History is British History

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Black History is not mandatory teaching in UK schools.  Black History is British History.  It should not be sidelined to a month if we 'can fit it in'.  We cannot hope to affect change unless our children are taught, from Primary School age, about history, culture, heritage and suffering.  I am a 42 year old white teacher, I believe the silent apathy and poor education is just as damaging as horrific brutality videos constantly in circulation.  I don't know what to do, but I do think education is key to permanent change.  If our children are not taught about the mistakes in our past and present, how can they learn from them or create a better world for their own children. How can equality ever exist if we don't confront an uncomfortable past and damn it? 

Please sign this petition to make 'The Black Curriculum' mandatory.  Give children a chance to make informed choices, to change institutional racism and bias from within, from the very beginning. Teach them what is really right and wrong, teach them to be angry about the past so the apathy doesn't continue.  Teach them to think and feel differently to the way we were and are taught.  Teach them to be better humans than we are right now. is a free resource, mandatory or not, you could start using this right now.

Please note, I am not affiliated with The Black Curriculum in any way, I just think they provide a terrific model for positive movement forward in education.  I just felt I must do something as a British Educator.