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On Monday night our vile neighbour ( a grown MAN) shot dead our beautiful little 4 year old dachshund Bella Leaving our two little girls utterly devastated � Bella was shot with a pellet gun whilst playing in our back garden and died minutes later. Our two girls are heartbroken and have sobbed since Monday, not been able to eat, sleep and have been blaming themselves �

I didn’t know much about pellet guns but after a quick google I found they was readily available on line and from shops from a starting price of £10. TEN POUND to buy a gun that can not only seriously injure/ kill animals but can seriously injure humans too. It’s disgraceful that a licence isn’t needed to own a pellet gun that can do so much harm. Pellet guns are not a toy and shouldn’t be treated like it! They are dangerous weapons! A pellet gun has just ended our precious Bellas short life, one shot was fired at close range and caused Bella to have mass internal bleeding and seconds a minute at most later and she was taken from us. There was nothing myself or a vet could have done to save her.

i have now had over 100 people reach out to tell me there sad story’s regarding there own pets being shot by pellet guns. This needs to stop!! Harsher punishments need bringing in and a ban on pellet guns before anymore animals or humans are hurt or worse by mindless idiots firing these WEAPONS that are so readily available!

We took bella to the vets then paid liverpool university to carry out a post mortem. Two days later they called with the results and have retrieved the pellet.

My girls have lost there best friend, the best little dog who was there to lick away there tears and listen to all there fears �