Arthur's Law

Arthur's Law

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Started by Garry Champion

Dear Prime Minister and Ministers of H M Government

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was a seven year old child who, like many other children in this country, should have been loved, cared for and nurtured during his formative years. Instead, he was tortured, starved and treated appallingly by those who should have cared, he was left in a place of danger by those who should have intervened to prevent this.

Despite concerns being raised by more than one person about Arthur's situation the chance for positive safeguarding action was completely missed by multiple people dealing with the reports. A total failure to safeguard and a lack of duty of care which ended up in the needless loss of a young childs life.

I petition Her Majesty's Government to introduce a bill which makes those in a position of authority responsible, for their failure to ensure the child was safe, by way of prosecution.

No longer must we accept the mantra of "Lessons will be learnt" instead those in positions of authority such as teachers, social workers etc; should fear prosecution if they fail to take action appropriate to the safety of the child.

I petition you to introduce Arthurs Law

1,493 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!