Allow anglers access to waters in the first phase of lifting Corona virus restrictions

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We all understand why the current restrictions are in place and are happy to comply with them to protect the NHS and save lives.

This petition has been created to ensure that as part of the first lift on restrictions anglers are again able to follow their (largely solitary) pursuit whilst following the social distancing directives.

It's widely recognized that the lock down has a negative impact on mental health and that time out side is important for a persons well being. Fishing is something that is open to all, it's done by tens of thousands of people in every county across the UK & by all demographics.

Fishing is also an industry, with most waters in private ownership relying on ticket incomes. There are many hundreds of independent fishing tackle shops, manufacturers and bait companies that rely on the income from the sport.

Given the opportunity, all owners of lakes, fishing clubs and the wider angling community would want to take the responsibility to fish whilst complying with social distancing. 

The benefits are both economic and in well being for anglers. The risk is low as this is a solitary pursuit, outdoors and largely on private land - away from the general public.