Alcohol Truth to be Declared

Alcohol Truth to be Declared

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Boris Johnson

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Started by Corinna Alderton

Alcohol is the third biggest killer in the world. Smoking is 6th. It contains over 30 cancer causing chemicals including arsenic and formaldehyde. It causes liver disease, dementia, cancer and death. It is the most harmful drug to self and others. Much higher than heroin and crack cocaine. But, instead of declaring all this and allowing us to make an informed choice, it is hidden and encouraged with fancy packaging and advertising convincing us that we cannot get through any occasion without it; sporting events, holidays, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day etc. 
I am petitioning for:

A total ban on advertising 

Alcohol to be packaged in plain bottles, cans and boxes. No fancy packing. And the truth be written on the container:

Contains a flammable solvent with arsenic and formaldehyde. Causes cancer, liver disease, dementia and 3 million deaths a year  ⚠️ ☠️  

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162 have signed. Let’s get to 200!