3-4 months relief in council tax during Coronavirus economic crises situation

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Respected Prime Minister and the Finance Minister of UK and all local councils are requested to kindly take a prompt action and please give Council  Tax relief at least for 3-4 months as due to Coronavirus crisis from now onwards most of us on being self isolated,on being low income and now getting no or least income, living in rental places, already struggling to pay rents, utility bills, cutting down on very basic needs extremely struggling to make both ends meet as have to pay for most of the required medicines as well so most of the time especially in present situation have to compromise on basic hygiene and food needs even as being on low income and self employed no source of proper income as most of people started working from home and people like having no permanent job or on being zero hour contract or labour working and earning daily wages are facing lots of problems due to Coronavirus crisis especially people living in private rentals places, private landlords not showing any leniency.

Our only hope is Government kindly help us, feel and understand our pain and situation and  consider this request and help us at least  go through this crisis successfully without any increase in mental or physical or emotional ailments.

Hope kind Government officials consider this and give their members at least couple of months council tax relief.

Kind Regards,

Aleem Ahmed

sincere British Citizen