Reopen the Bonnington Café

Reopen the Bonnington Café

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Bonnington Centre Community Association

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Started by Megan Doolittle

The Bonnington Café was boarded up overnight without warning on 29th November by the Bonnington Centre Community Association – a community group which runs The Bonnington Centre in Vauxhall.

The Café Cooks have collectively run the ground floor café for twenty years, subsidising the activities of the Centre and dishing up affordable vegetarian food for locals and far beyond. During the lockdowns, they cooked for the community, providing free food to those in need. After more than two years of conflict and confrontation from the BCCA Committee about contracts and management, the café’s future is still up in the air. Now our neighbourhood is blighted by a boarded-up building, and is in danger of losing a successful and popular local venture which has contributed to our community for many years.

We want the BCCA to reopen the café immediately, bring back the Café Cooks and resume negotiations for a fair and workable agreement.

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790 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!