Save America's Wild Horses!

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America's wild horses and burros are in eminent danger of being annialated! The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) 2018 budget requests that Congress lift the ban on destroying healthy mustangs and burros.

If the ban is lifted, wild horses and burros in holding pens will be killed or sold to slaughter. The remaining "excess" population, currently free on PUBLIC lands, will be SLAUGHTERED. These animals may be gunned down in the wild. As many as 92,000 HEALTHY HORSES will die. We the American People will have LOST our iconic wild mustangs and burros who are our heritage and have roamed FREE on PUBLIC LANDS since before OUR country was established.

As caring American citizens, we must act now! This entire BLM plan is all about saving money for the BLM and for allowing cattle and sheep ranchers and other vested interests to use OUR PUBLIC LANDS for THEIR monetary gain!

Congress will decide if this slaughter provision will be included within the NEXT TWO WEEKS!

PLEASE contact your Congressional representatives right away and tell them NO HORSE SLAUGHTER!!!  Call often!

Please also reach out to your families, friends, neighbors, and especially your social media contacts and ask them to spread the word and make the calls--- most Americans are completely unaware of this threat ---                                                                                                           

OUR wild horses and burros belong to the American people and are a part of our National Heritage. We cannot allow this atrocity to happen!

 Thank you!