Raising concerns among viewers related to content that impacts Women Security and dignity

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Every day our newspapers are filled with news of crime against women, may it be Acid attack, Domestic Violence, Rapes and Murder. 

Today I just came across the trailer of Mardaani 2 and it has made me think twice and thrice, that yes! this is what our cinema must be doing to raise concerns against sadist and heinous crimes. 

I want to encourage the film industry to carry on such good works such as Maardani, Chapaak, Article 15 and a few more.

Yes, just a few inline! We as the consumer must raise demands for such intense and strong movies and at the same time, We must also boycott movies containing item numbers that impact the dignity of women.

I know our industry must have not thought in this line, but please, believe me, you can reach to every stratum of society, may the person is educated or illiterate your message can impact them. The message of Hero teasing heroine as if this is the way "HASINA MAAN JAEGI" moreover our society has not taught most of our boys to digest a NO, and to get whatever they want but please not everything is fair in love and war/lust. As entertainment must not be the only goal but you must also think of giving back to society.

I pledge here to boycott the movies that fail to uphold the dignity of women and would work to bring the demand chain of the market in favour of good works.

no Munni must get badnam and no tanduri murgi comment must be seen as a compliment.