Ban Billboards in Boise Neighborhoods

Ban Billboards in Boise Neighborhoods

August 5, 2020
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Mayor of Boise Lauren McLean and 6 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lauren Dodge

Can you imagine having a billboard, directly in front of your house? Many Boise residents are forced to live with billboards in their front and back yards without any consideration from their city representatives. Think about the kind of impact this would have on your family, your property value, and your daily stress levels.

Allowing established privilege to protect some of our citizens while using a history of oppression to punish others is WRONG.

Boise's City Council and Mayor argue that residents living in manufactured homes and mixed zoned neighborhoods will experience no adverse impacts if a billboard is built in their front yard. They inconsiderately remind these residents that they already live in areas with eye sores, busy roads, and commercial/warehouse buildings. Their reasoning is this: there are already so many unsightly things by these resident's homes, what damage could one more blight have?

This is how the economic divide continues to deepen and worsen! This is an overt allowance by the city to shove the worst of Boise's facilities down the throats of those with less financial power. 

When asked how city representatives would like it if Lamar advertising put a billboard in their neighborhood, they simply point to the fact that they are fortunate to live in residentially zoned areas, and so they are forever protected from such blights.

Let's equally protect all of our citizens from the economic and mental health burdens that come from billboards. Let's ban billboards near Boise residences and keep Boise beautiful for ALL of its citizens.

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Signatures: 169Next Goal: 200
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Decision Makers

  • Lauren McLeanMayor of Boise
  • Holli WoodingsCouncil President Pro Tem
  • TJ ThomsonCity Council Member
  • Patrick BageantCity Council Member