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Help us recall newly elected Boise Mayor, Lauren Mclean.  Mayor Mclean does not hold Boise's values, and does not represent the people's will. she has repeatedly taken it upon her self to assume she speaks for the people of Boise on various issues without gathering input from the heart of the people. Her Liberal approach to social engineering has caught many people by surprise and it is time for her to be removed. If we allow her to remain in office we will soon be facing issues such as Portland, or San Francisco. The exact mentality that lead those cities to the turmoil they are in, is sitting in an elected official right here in Boise. We can do it, we just need to band together. Lauren Mclean clearly DOES NOT represent the hard earned lifestyle we have built here and seeks to undermine the work we have all put in to create what we have. Because the local news reporters are completely missing the mark here, and making this about her response to the pandemic, we have removed some of that information. Only to say Mayor Mclean has asked people to call in and report others during this time, for not following her orders. The bottom line, she mislead voters by not sharing her true intent, as outlined in her transition report, and is now poised to do great damage to our city with her plans. The reasons for this effort, are because of the misleading and dishonest campaigning which duped voters into voting for her.

here is a link that outlines some of her agenda. this MUST stop.