Namalsk Map for Konsole (Playstation/Xbox)

Namalsk Map for Konsole (Playstation/Xbox)

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Warum ist diese Petition wichtig?

Gestartet von Jim Schattmann

The Dayz Standalone needs a new map on the consoles many players want the Namalsk map which is only available as a mod for PC.

A new map would bring many players back to DayZ who no longer play the game because of too little variety.

Another advantage would be that many games again have the incentive to play because there are new corners to explore.

With this petition we want to show how much the console community wants the Namalsk map.

This is why Namalsk is the non-plus-ultra for DayZ players

DayZ Namalsk is a free PC modification that takes you to the eponymous archipelago in the North Polar Sea. Here it is not only damn cold, but above all beautiful and yet extremely dangerous.

The unforgiving weather makes survival near the Arctic Circle extremely difficult. It's only made much tougher by the electromagnetic storms that sweep across the land. And in the end, there is something for every type of player:

Purists - get their money's worth from the simplicity of the mod, which focuses on survival.
Survivalists - are allowed to pounce on the sparse resources and weapons on the hardcore servers in the best Rogue-Like manner. Only the strongest survive.
Story enthusiasts - can go in search of the truth. Where did the zombies come from? What is it about the storms and who is behind the mysterious underground facilities? You can find out all that - and that's what today is all about.


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