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BofA: Stop the Foreclosure on Brendon Mendoza's Home

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Soon after the bank-caused housing crisis and recession caused the value of my home to plummet, I lost my job and ran out of savings trying to make ends meet. It was clear, the mortgage on my home of 6 years would be next to suffer, so I contacted my bank for some assistance. 

I legally qualify for a loan modification, but Bank of America has refused to work with me. They have misplaced documents related to my application for a loan modification. They have failed to return several of my calls. And they refuse to provide me a single point of contact.

Fresh off the taxpayer bailout, I naïvely thought Bank of America would be sympathetic to someone who needed a little financial relief themselves. Not to mention, honoring basic customer service etiquette.

For three years now, I have tried to convince Bank of America to grant me a loan modification in order for me to stay in my home. I have done everything thing that they have asked me to do and submitted every piece of paperwork they have requested. I even successfully completed a 6-month probationary loan modification payment plan. I also consulted a law firm that conducted a forensic audit that showed Bank of America violated the Truth in Lending Act (TILA).

I have consulted every housing counseling agency you can think of, and even spent forty-six hours at a Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of American (NACA) event, only to hear a Bank of America representative say, “There is nothing we can do.”  

However, I refuse to believe this is the case. Not even taking the TILAviolations into account, the fact is that I do have the money to make fair payments to the bank.

I’ve seen Bank of America do what’s best for homeowners (and America) before--but only when a large number of people put public pressure on them to do right. Vera Johnson of Seattle, WA is a good example of that, and something I draw inspiration from.

I’m ready to fight back and demand a fair loan modification, and WITH YOUR HELP I am confident I will be able to defeat Goliath, and stay in my home.


Please sign my petition and pass it on to as many people as you can. Thank you for your time.



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