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Vote of No Confidence in Dr. Alicia Roy As New Fairfield's Superintendent

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We, the citizens of New Fairfield, are presenting this petition as a collective Vote of No Confidence in Dr. Alicia Roy, Superintendent of Schools in New Fairfield, Connecticut.

Under her watch, we have witnessed the downward spiral of performance in our schools, the disintegration of teacher morale, and the hiring of a PPS Administrator with a questionable background. Under her helmsmanship, our student test scores are at the bottom of our District Reference Group, and we are embroiled in school-related lawsuits caused by poor leadership and judgement exercised by Dr.Roy and her chief administrators. Moreover, Dr. Roy has led through manipulation, intimidation, fear-mongering and dishonesty throughout her tenure in New Fairfield.
Dr. Roy has repeatedly put the cosmetic appearance of our schools, and her desire for meaningless paper awards, before the best interests of the children in this district. Her newly-proposed administrative changes will do nothing to address the current issues within our school system but will surely compound the many safety-related and academic issues presently affecting our children. Dr. Roy is suggesting we have one Principal as the primary overseer for two schools, and roughly 1400 children. We are facing a lawsuit in this district for failing to protect one student from another. If we can't accomplish that effectively for one student, we have no business combining 1400 students,and it is folly to think that we can manage that successfully with our current administration.

Likewise,our teachers do not get enough time with administrators now, and under Dr. Roy's proposed plan, they will be inundated with more work. Dr. Roy is proposing less teachers (if both schools share), more students and less time, while showing no empirical evidence of how this will benefit our school system in the long run. Additional concern and unanswered questions over buses and transportation routes under her new reorganization plan, further point to the conclusion that this plan was solely created for the purpose of benefiting Dr.Roy and her administration, and that student welfare was not part of the determination process.

There is no accountability under Dr.Roy's leadership. Money is spent without transparency. Reports are frequently generated that yield important data about our students and schools, yet their information is ignored. There is a demonstrated and appalling lack of leadership, management and support of our teaching staff. During Dr. Roy's tenure, there has been a continuous removal of teachers' pay and benefits, while our Superintendent continues to receive raises of over $8,000.00 per year.

New Fairfield has gained nothing from the high cost of Dr.Roy's ongoing employment in our district. She is paid more than the Governor, yet our schools are in decline, our property values continue to plummet and our children suffer from her lack of vision, planning and commitment.

As tax payers and constituents, we demand that our voices be heard, and that this Vote of No Confidence be taken seriously. As BOE members, we ask that you take action, hear us and our needs, and support us in moving our schools forward. We elected all of you, because we had faith in your collective ability to do what is best for our schools and our students. It is time for you to demonstrate to us that our faith in you was not misguided, and that you will take the steps necessary to promote positive change in this district. We believe that change needs to start at the top.

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