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Send Yoshiko ALL her things back!

Bodyline, a Chinese-based company that produces cheap clothing for the Japanese street fashion: Lolita--which is based on modesty of the figure and Victorian or Rococo-styled clothing. Bodyline, however, contrasts with the innocent and modest fashion image it has today, as known by many followers of the company; Bodyline was originally a sex costume shop. Although Bodyline has been in a number of rumored scandals, this is one where the Elegant Gothic Lolita community can find a true source from an ex-employee of the company itself. Yoshiko was the designer and model of Bodyline for a few years, steadily improving the PR and quality of the poorly operated company. However, she does not get paid well, on top of that, she has to buy all the Bodyline dresses herself. She had moved to China and lived in the residence of Bodyline's factory and started getting health issues--having to model even when she was ill. Even though Bodyline has a number of unpleasant activities going on, she kept to herself, hoping things to improve. Yoshiko then makes a trip to Europe, and an incident happens at Bodyline that causes her to decide to quit; and when she requests to get her belongings sent back, they have refused and had blocked all ways for her to contact them. We must protect any other potential future model entrees and get Yoshiko back her personal articles!

Bodyline annually holds a contest to search for a model and promises the winner will be "invited by BODYLINE and will spend great week in Japan...BODYLINE will pay" for the "Airplane ticket and hotel!", and also a "romantic dinner with Mr. Yan". Although some girls have declined romantic advances from Mr. Yan, BODYLINE has made a winner of the model contest pay for her airfare and hotel after declining; another girl was proposed to; Mr. Yan had stated he wanted to marry her and she "could have boyfriends" but must have sex with him. Do not buy from Bodyline, instead if you want cheap prices, support TaoBao shops or Japanese lolita brand clothing companies. We all need to stop Bodyline from smearing Lolitas' names and protect our fellow Lolitas as these modeling contests are just a front for Mr. Yan's search for a foreign sex toy. Sign the petition and e-mail Mr. Yan and demand justice for his poor behavior.

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