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Remove the Confederate Flag Flying Over I-75 in Tampa, FL

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Driving down I-75, everyday we are faced with a symbol of hatred, a flag that was the symbol of the Ku Klux Klan and has always represented terrorism towards African Americans and other People of Color historically until present day. The flag is boasted as the World's Largest Confederate Flag, a memorial created by the Sons Of the Confederate,  and stands high above I-75 where it is impossible to not face daily. 

The constant argument that occurs when fighting for the removal of a Confederate flag and statue is the "preservation of history". What are we trying to preserve? A history of terrorism and treason to this country and the citizens of this country? The confederacy seceded and fought against the union for the purpose of keeping human beings under enslavement. Robert E. Lee, who is attempted to be seen as the benevolent Slavery opposing leader, was the general of the Confederacy, owning slaves and believing that Slavery was necessary for  African Americans for the " instruction of the race". He then opposed Voting rights to Freed people during Reconstruction instead fighting to keep voting to ex-confederates.

This man is not worthy of being seen as a leader, as long as any other leaders of the Confederacy. That flag should not fly high and displayed as if it represents anything else but treason and terrorism.

This past weekend, that flag was flown and carried proudly next to Nazi Flags by participants of a hateful group of individuals who marched about the "cleansing of the ethnic race" and chanted Nazi ideals. A gathering that was violent and ended in the loss of a young woman's life and inhury of many peaceful protesters. 

That flag is nothing more than a symbol of division, hate and terrorism in the history of this country, in the past and the present. 

It needs to be removed from sight on I-75 as a form of solidarity and unity in understanding the pain and anger it causes residents of this city, especially those who are the targeted in the hateful movement it represents. 

In the case we are met with complete opposition for complete removal due to private property laws, we will continue petitioning for the revocation of the County permit to have the flag fly that high or of that size. It SHOULD NOT be visible at all from I-75.

Lilia Orengo, Creator of this Petition.


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