Bambi with kangaroos instead of deer

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"Bambi" is a great film, and with the current wave of reboots and remakes coming from Disney, it's only a matter of time before Bambi trots back to the big screen.

What I am suggesting is that rather than remake the movie as is, with Bambi as a deer, the story should take place in Australia, where Bambi is a kangaroo, and the cast of other animals are replaced with other Australian wildlife. 

This would be a refreshing take on the story, and we need Bob Iger to greenlight the idea itself. 

Claudia O'Doherty and Judd Apatow work together on the successful Netflix original series, "Love." Apatow is an experienced writer, producer, director, and comedian, and O'Doherty is an accomplished actress and writer. With their talent combined, I believe they will be able to supply the world with a wonderful reboot of a classic film.