Tell Costco to Go 100% Gestation Crate Free

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Many of us are loyal Costco shoppers who appreciate the chain’s great deals, no frills shopping experience, and promises to make the humane treatment of animals a "business imperative."

That's why it's especially disheartening to learn that even though Costco tells us that its entire supply chain will be gestation crate free by 2022, their major pork suppliers tell a different a story. Even beyond 2022, these suppliers are committed to locking up mother pigs in gestation crates for the first six weeks after they are impregnated. 

Please sign our petition today. Make sure Costco requires that all of its pork suppliers are 100% gestation crate free for the pig's entire pregnancy cycle − including the first six weeks − by 2022.

Gestation crates are widely recognized as cruel and inhumane. They immobilize a mother pig in a space so tiny it’s roughly the same size as her body, so narrow she can’t even turn around. Gestation crates are known to cause psychological torment and physical suffering to pigs, including lameness due to weakened bones and muscles. (Imagine confining your dog in a cage so small she can’t even turn around for six weeks at a time.) Alternatively, the use of group housing for the entire pregnancy allows pigs to walk around, lay down without constraint, socialize with other pigs, and engage in more natural behaviors.

Confining pigs in gestation crates is inconsistent with Costco's publicly available letter to its suppliers that says pigs should have "adequate room to turn around".

Let Costco know that you, too, believe that pigs should have adequate room to move around. Please sign and share this petition, and ask Costco to commit to ending the use of gestation crates for a mother pig’s entire pregnancy cycle − including the first six weeks after impregnation − by 2022.