Bob Evans, Stop Serving Animal Cruelty!

Bob Evans, Stop Serving Animal Cruelty!

September 16, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ashley Smith

Bob Evans calls themselves a family restaurant who prides themselves on animal welfare, and they have failed to be transparent about the status of the cage-free egg commitment they made back in 2016, and have since removed their policy from their website entirely. With a restaurant known for its breakfast, they serve millions of eggs each year, and currently customers have no way of knowing if these eggs came from hens trapped in cruel battery cages. 

Bob Evans has the largest presence in my home state of Ohio, so I feel compelled to draw attention to this quick-service breakfast chain for their deception. In fact, there's a Bob Evans right on my street!

On factory farms, eggs are produced by female chickens, known as laying hens, who are subjected to horrible acts of cruelty. Thousands of birds are crammed together, often in filthy, darkened places where the birds have almost no ability to engage in natural behaviors. Essentially, the more hens you can confine to a small space, the more eggs that can be produced – this means a bigger profit for greedy companies at the expense of sentient birds. The cruelest type of egg production confines each bird to a small space that’s equivalent to the size of a single piece of paper! It’s barely enough space for her to stand, let alone sit to lay an egg. 

It doesn’t have to be this way, and it simply cannot be for much longer as several states now have cage-free laws in place, making it illegal to sell eggs confined to a cage.  

I hope you will join me in urging Bob Evans to be transparent with their customers about the progress they have made thus far, and republish their policy on their website proving they truly care about this issue. Please sign my petition and let Bob Evans know that they can’t get away with empty promises – let’s show them how much consumers really care about this issue, and that we see how far behind they're falling!

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Signatures: 55,411Next Goal: 75,000
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Decision Makers

  • Mickey MillsCEO
  • Bob HoltcampPresident and Chief Marketing Officer
  • Shawn ShahnaziVice President of Operations
  • Robert FradetteVice President of Marketing Communications
  • Lisa AckermanSenior Director of Operations