Let's Fix Education

Let's Fix Education

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Hey there!

I'll keep it short and narrow it down to a few points. Otherwise...we'll be on here for hours :)

But a quick bit about me. My name is Isiason Brown, I'm 15-years-old and an attendee of public schooling. 

But enough about me. I think we can all agree that the current education system needs to see some innovation...to say the least.

I think we should acknowledge that there is a problem when a majority of Americans never use what they learned in school in there daily life.

We should acknowledge there is a problem when kids are leaving school depressed and tired.

We should acknowledge there is a problem when almost every kid agrees what they're learning is useless.

If you're a student or a parent sign this petition to let our leaders know that we want to change. Some politicians are saying we need to pay teachers and while we do we also need to talk about what they're teaching.

I'm hoping this will start a powerful discussion and movement. I'm not claiming to be an expert I'm just a teen. like many others, who want to see change.

Here are the problems with our current education system:

  1. Lack of Innovation - Our school system was created with Industrial Age values in mind. I think Seth Godin said it best when he said, "The sole intent of the education system was to train people to be willing to work in a factory". Knowing this, why hasn't it changed in over 150 years?
  2. Lack of Student Control - Students are told what to do, when, where, and how. This doesn't allow for students to think on their own, or practice skills like time management in a quasi-professional setting. Nor does it allow for students to be able to find their niche and or passion.
  3. We're Not Actually Learning - Learning is truly something great, but in school, we're not actually learning. We're memorizing. When we have a standardized test we're not actually seeing how smart you but how well you memorized and retained information that you most likely never use.
  4. Doesn't Account for Different Learners - Everyone learns differently and our current system doesn't allow for us to take advantage of this fact for more effective education. 
  5. Inequalities in Funding - It's sad to say that in the USA what ZIp Code you live in determines the quality of your education. 
  6. Overcrowding - This is a real issue facing schools across the country, especially in Urban Areas. It becomes harder for teachers to effectively teach their students when they have over 30 students to look after. 

What can we do to tackle these issues and others?

  1. Project-Based Learning I've seen teachers individually implement this into their classrooms with great success. It is a great alternative to the usual note-taking and regurgitating it onto a test. It instead allows students to use the information they've learned and work towards creating a real-world output. PBL fosters engagement, helps teach and practice skills like time-management, and effective communication. Let's take it nationwide.
  2. Put a Higher Focus on Skills - In a world that is rapidly changing, who knows what we might be doing in 10-20 years from. Studies show that more young people will have multiple careers in their lifetime. We should be teaching students skills that they will be applied to any career that they might have. Such as Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Leadership, Creative Expression, etc. 
  3. Assist students in finding their passion - Each and everyone one of us has a passion. Up into High-school, we've been exposed to the numerous interest such as Mathematics, and History. Most high-schoolers have at the very least a vague idea of what they want to be doing in the future, Instead of filling them up with more generalized info, we should instead work on helping them achieve a clear idea on their preferred career path and allow them more room to take classes around that. 
  4. Take Education into 21st Century - When I say this I'm referring to an amazing resource we now to have access to. The Internet. There are so many various resources online we can be taking advantage of by bringing them into the classroom. Or out of it. Here's what I mean: 
  5. Make Education Available Online - I cannot stress how much we need to do this. By making Education available online we allow for so much flexibility and opportunity. I could go on for hours about why we need to this to this, but I'll keep it short; Just Do It.     

I think I'll leave it here...this is just a list of suggestions I've complied from talking to my peers, teachers, parents, and time spent gathering different opinions on why our education system and what we do to fix it.

By signing this petition your showing your support for these changes and letting our leaders know this is the kind of change we want to see. Our education system has been broken for a while and now is the time to do something about it.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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