COVID-19:Request PAUSD to Take Action to Keep Students Safe and Contain Community Spread

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       Palo Alto School District families request PAUSD to take immediate action to keep students safe and contain community spread of COVID-19.

       COVID-19 has an epic outbreak that already took 3000 lives and infected 85000+ globally including Africa, Asia, Europe, and the U.S.             

       As of 2/29, Santa Clara County has confirmed 4 cases of COVID-19 through community spread. As the virus is highly contagious, anyone closely contacts the infectious can potentially catch it, and the incubation can be longer than 14 days.  During its incubation, the virus can be spread quickly as well. It is absolutely not common flu, instead, it has a considerably higher death rate and causes lung and kidney damage for the survivors for a whole life.  

       To keep our kids, school faculties and community safe, please sign this petition requesting PAUSD, CDC, and the rest of the Santa Clara School District to take the following actions:

       1. Reschedule school calendar to start spring break effectively on 3-2-2020 and extend it to 2 weeks, shorten summer break by one week.

       2. Provide online learning options for students who opt-out to study at home. We parents are calling out to the public to support us in our effort to request school closure to protect our kids, school staff and our community.

       Please sign our petition!