Please Help Us Revoke Dr. Whitford's License to Practice Veterinary Medical Procedures!

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There is a particular Dr. of veterinary care that practices in Clarksville, TN and his demeanor with animals strikes me as very unethical. I adopted two dogs that were litter sisters from Montgomery County Animal Control and they were absolutely inseparable from the time I brought them home at six weeks old. They saved me just as much as I saved them. These dogs are my life. They are almost two years old now. I took them to the veterinarian on 1/7/2016 to get their shots updated, have a microchip and have a simple spay performed, which is part of the contract from Animal Control when you adopt a pet from them. From my understanding it was a simple procedure and I would pick the dogs up afterwards and take them home to make them comfortable and treat them like the babies they are. However, that all changed when I went to pick them up at 4:00pm that night. I was told I could pick up one (Daisy) because she was ready to go home. Although, they said Harley could not leave yet. The vet assistant and the doctors wife (who is NOT a veterinarian) came out and told me that my "dog woke up with a cold and she was under heat lamps" and that "she was too groggy to be sent home because she was having a hard time waking up." I was so worried and I asked, "Everything aside from that, she was okay though...right??" They all assured me that she was just fine two or three times. They said come back at 6pm and you can pick her up. My husband and I paid our bill for both dogs and proceeded to take Daisy home and get her settled in. When 6:00pm rolled around we headed back to the vet to retrieve Harley. When we walked in the doctor came out from the back with a very loud and stern voice and asked us, "when's the last time that dog had a parvo shot" and we told him she was only seven days overdue from having her paro/distemper and her rabies. Then he proceeds to tell me that she was having bloody diarrhea and "anyway she's dead." My breath left my body at that point and he took us back to see her in a back room on a cart underneath a towel and a trash bag covering her back end. My husband had to catch me because I was going down on my knees. Her beautiful green eyes were staring back at me, but my baby girl was gone. All I kept saying was, "she was absolutely fine when I left her here" repeatedly. I was in literal shock and couldn't breath. I knew there was no way she had parvo because just that morning when we let them outside to go potty they were both running around and playing. Neither one of them showed any signs of being sick at all. Everything was normal and they were excited to be going on a ride. We tried to take our dog's body that night, but he refused to let us have her. He said, "you can come back in the morning and get her." Then he proceeded to tell us to "leave and go home." My dad went to pick her body up for me the next morning and my husband took her to Murray State Veterinary Laboratory to have a necropsy performed to see why my healthy baby girl had passed away. The report from the pathologist concluded that she died of post surgical hemorrhage. She was bleeding from every orifice of her body. The report said that there were no surgical sutures found on the left side of her body and that she bleed out within an hour. I have heard stories from a lot of different people that this particular doctor has been known to use fishing line and zip ties when spaying a dog. He shattered our family in such a short amount of time and I trusted him with my baby girls. This dog was a huge part of my life and she slept underneath the covers with me every night. Her sister is not doing good at all. She walks around and constantly cries looking for her sister and there is no consoling her. She will not eat and barely drinks. It is the saddest thing I think I have ever witnessed personally. It reminds me of the story Where the Red Fern Grows. Please sign and share so that we may demand justice for our beloved family member and make sure that he cannot do this to anyone else's beloved pet. This is the same vet that killed my mom's dog a few years back...he spayed a dog that was already spayed by him. There's much more from that story, but I'm pretty sure the statue of limitations has run out on that case. Since I have shared some of my story on Facebook, there have been so many people commenting saying that he killed their dogs too. We have to stop this madness. He even refused to refund our money because in their eyes "all services were rendered." However, he killed my dog for crying out loud! The money doesn't matter to me, but I don't feel like I should have paid him to ultimately kill my precious baby. Thank you so much in advance for your help!