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Kapiti College (Year 13 Facial Hair Allowed)

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In Kapiti College the Board of Trustees say that "no student is allowed to have facial hair" and if brought to school is "forced to shave with budget shaving equipment" during critical learning time.

I want to do this petition so that year 13 students are allowed to have facial hair because If year 13 students are allowed to wear mufti how come they are not allowed to have natural hair that grows on their face.

I want to get enough support for my petition so I can show the board of trustees that their is nothing wrong but having facial hair that males can maintain and be able to express who they are if they feel more comfortable hiding things like scars or Embarrassing things on their face.

It's like women are allowed to wear makeup to hide scars or specific things on their faces so how come males are not allowed to do the same with natural growing hair.


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