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Micke Grove Zoo (MG Zoo) is a little gem of a zoo that attracts thousands of visitors from far and wide. Although the only zoo in San Joaquin County, it is not only visited by people that live locally but has visitors from Sacramento, Merced, Jackson, Modesto, Davis, and from places as far away as the Bay area.
Micke Grove Zoo’s staff are responsible for the functioning of Micke Grove Zoo and Oak Grove Nature Center. Reducing MG Zoo’s Animal Care Staffing by 50% will not only compromise the health and welfare of our animal residents but will also have serious repercussions on the safety, and wellbeing of overworked staff, and the relationship we maintain with our zoo visitors. Other serious consequences would include increasingly sick animal residents and overworked Animal Care Staff, which would eventually lead to a drastic fall in the zoo visitor numbers influencing zoo earnings. MG Zoo has already lost the Zoo Camp Teacher’s position, which our Senior Management has refused to fill, increasing the workload of one of our full-time Animal Care Staff members who is now managing the duties of the Zoo Camp Teacher in addition to her own responsibilities at the zoo.
We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this and sign our petition to request the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors to help us: (1) hire a new Zoo Camp Teacher for the Nature Center, and 2) retain four part-time Animal Care Staff that are currently working at Micke Grove Zoo. The health and welfare of the animals depend on this and with your support, we can get our message across.