Change CCSD dress code that infringes on parent's rights and student's autonomy.

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Clark county schools have a problem. The dress code makes NO sense! I went to public school in the eighties. There were all kinds of bra straps and shoulders (shock and horror) showing. No one got hurt and no one was distracted from learning because of this. What is distracting is making girls feel bad about themselves, making people uncomfortable sometimes to the point of heat exhaustion by forcing inappropriate clothing for very hot weather, sending kids out of class for silly dress code violations, treating girls different because they may be more "developed" than others, and not having faith in boys.

My daughter does NOT need to "cover up". There is nothing obscene about her shoulders! In order to empower children, we should be sending a message of body acceptance and building self esteem, not "body shaming" which is oppressive and damaging. Especially at a time when child and teen suicide rates are at the highest ever, WHY would anyone make a student feel less self confident?

If a little skin is distracting boys from learning, they should learn to not be distracted. I personally have more faith in our young men. I believe they have self control and if they don't, CCSD has an obligation to teach it because I promise somewhere at sometime they will see cleavage or shoulders and if they don't know how to behave, there is going to be serious legal issues and possible jail time. 

As a parent, I find it disturbing that any school would concern itself with what my child wears as opposed to teaching him/her. I am honestly offended since I know it is a parent's right and responsibility to determine what clothing is acceptable for their child to wear. The U.S. already has indecent exposure laws. Does CCSD think they are insufficient or that shoulders are a safety hazard? This is bizarre thinking and I have yet to be given a rational reason for such strange rules. ENOUGH! We can and should change this policy. Stop sending our children the wrong message! I don't want to believe that adults in charge of making dress codes are that insensitive and unthinking. I'm sure there's been a mistake and CCSD can fix it for their tax payers. The parents and children of Clark County expect a prompt change in the dress code policy.