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Keep the TRUMP name on 220 Riverside Boulevard

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We oppose the efforts of some individuals who wish to remove the TRUMP name from 220 Riverside Boulevard. A vocal minority seeks to force change despite the fact that the majority of residents have not pushed for or even requested removing the name.

We do not believe the TRUMP name should be removed simply because this vocal minority of people disagree with President-elect Trump's politics. President-elect Trump has not even taken office yet. He may turn out to be a great President. Why remove his name simply because your candidate lost?

Many residents bought apartments in this building specifically because they were TRUMP-branded. This was an important part of their decision to invest in the building and make this their home.

Now that Mr. Trump has been elected President, we believe that the TRUMP brand will become even more valuable. Removing the name may therefore damage the value of the building. 

If these residents who disagree with Mr. Trump's politics are unhappy, they are free to sell their apartments rather than enforce their will on the majority of us who want to keep exactly what we bought and bargained for.

Beyond the economic benefit of the TRUMP brand, we feel that there is another important reason to keep Mr. Trump's name on our building.

The TRUMP PLACE buildings and the entire Riverside Boulevard area is a testament to President-elect Trump. It is a part of his legacy, and it is not right to erase this legacy (and erase history) simply because one disagrees with some of his policies. Whether you voted for him or for his opponent, Donald Trump developed this area and his contributions should continue to be recognized.

People have short memories, but history is important: Donald Trump took an abandoned railway yard in a shady part of town and transformed it into one of the most beautiful areas in New York City.

He built landmark residential buildings—some of the best on the Upper West Side—and in the process created an entire new neighborhood. The buildings are recognizable to any New Yorker, visible from the West Side Highway and now an indelible part of the New York skyline. The buildings have been featured in movies and are in countless photographs of the Hudson River area.

Mr. Trump's imagination, determination, and resolve brought this area to life. He took on an ambitious, larger-than-life project that others would not (and could not). He had the vision to see the area's untapped potential. For that, he should continue to be celebrated and remembered, regardless of his politics.

Whether you live in 220 Riverside Boulevard or simply agree that Donald Trump's legacy should not be erased, we urge you to sign this petition in support of keeping the TRUMP name on the building.

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