Revert International Student Tuition Fees Increases

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Revert International Student Tuition Fees Increases

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Started by Giovanna Percel

Since April of 2020, the University of Guelph has been holding meetings regarding the increase of tuition only for international students of the university. 

The International Student Organization have been trying to fight increases, having students sign petitions and explain why this would impact them. They asked 500 international students how an increase in tuition would affect them as well as the difficulties they already face, and reported these responses to the university. However, this was not enough for the University of Guelph: they decided to raise the tuition of international students by 5-10% for undergraduate students and 3-37% for graduate students. 

The increase of tuition for international students is already unacceptable, especially during a world pandemic. Unfortunately, at this point, most countries have been highly affected by the various impacts of COVID-19 and most international students could not even go home to stay with their families. Increasing tuition at this point would result in many students like myself having to quit their studies and goals, unable to afford academic and living costs. Considering that the majority of international students come from developing or undeveloped countries, many already face financial challenges as the economies of those countries are not strong or stable—imagine during a world pandemic. Moreover, most international students rely on part-time jobs to pay for living costs and often help their families pay for tuition. These jobs, as so many Canadians are also experiencing, are difficult to find in these unprecedented times. The University of Guelph is already limited in scholarships, bursaries, and awards for international students, which also contributes to the unfairness of increasing tuition at the present time.  

The Central Student Association and International Student Organization are calling on the University community to raise their voice to stand in solidarity with the international students and to demand the university of Guelph; 

1.   Reverse the 2020/2021 international tuition fee increases immediately

2.   Freeze tuition fees for international students now    

3.   Provide more bursaries, grants and scholarships for international students

Canada understands the importance of international students as part of the country. I am sure that this, among other amazing reasons, is why international students and their families chose Canada. I personally am grateful for the opportunity to have a better life in this country, and would appreciate, beyond words, being able to stay. I am sure that this rings true for many of the University of Guelph’s international students. This is your opportunity to stand with international students and help keep their futures alive. 

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This petition had 1,123 supporters

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