Middle School Only - Allow students to carry water bottle during school day

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Operation - Take Back the Water Bottle - MIDDLE SCHOOLS

The Wayne Township Middle Schools do not allow student to carry water bottles at any time. This petition is to change this rule. The elementary and high schools in the district do not have this policy. This is to help change it and provide them with their basic right to drink water.

First and foremost, not all schools have air-conditioning or fans and the students get hot, dehydrated and irritable by the end of the school day. Also, during the ages of 11-14, they have to endure puberty which is the toughest transition of their lives.

Secondly, drinking from the water fountain is a personal choice and could pose a health risk and possibly a school wide outbreak of disease.

In the long term, if the kids are not in a habit of drinking water, it will impact their mental and physical growth and encourage bad habits. They are more likely to reach for energy drinks and soft drinks before choosing water. The impact of this choice is well known.

What is the reason for this policy? What risk is the school mitigating? Is this the best possible solution for this issue? Can we think outside the box for this one?

We need to get together and help our kids get their water bottle back.


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