Get Real Black History Into American Schools

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In America, children often grow up not knowing the true history of the African American people. Most of the time when learning about our history, we get watered down versions that barely scratch the surface of the real struggles in our past. Because of this, ignorance and bigotry persists; people do not know why people are the way they are and live the lives they live. Many believe the curriculum taught in schools should include the history of systemic racism in America and how it affects the lives of black and brown people in America today. 

Signing this petition would be one step in reforming a broken education system. Education creates awareness and understanding. We hope that exposure to information that may not have otherwise been available to children will help reduce and ultimately mitigate the divide in this country. The divide perpetuates misconceptions of black and brown people, which in turn perpetuates racial intolerance. My goal in starting this petition is to educate the youths of America!