Petitioning Board of Education and all Educational Facilities and Municipalities

Reform education so that it's fair for all and not for the elite few or the dull many, no child left behind.

Because everyone has the right to education and if students are not getting the equal education they deserve or they're holding back each other or other students, who really wins? No one-so I say we reform education and revamp it so that every child around the world, starting here, gets equal education opportunities no matter their level. The Internet would be a great supplement for all this so that way the teacher has unprecedented interaction with the student and can be with them 24/7 to ensure their success instead of going to a building for only 8 hours a day. Online education is the future and people have to learn to accept that now before it drives them mad when it becomes reality. We must conquer totalitarianism and authoritarianism within every school system and put everyone on the same page if we are to all see the end of the story, and do it successfully and efficiently. 

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  • Board of Education and all Educational Facilities and Municipalities

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