Save the MOPA program! (starting with the lab couch)

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All of us, passionate students and loyal members of the MOPA program have known for some time that the program we have dedicated our entire lives to, our home and soon-to-be "alma mater" that we've given so much money and personal time, to has been led astray.

The interests of the students are of no concern of the faculty anymore and we are treated like a problem to get out of the way rather than clients in need of leadership and proper treatment. 

The cherry on top came with a notice to remove all personal imagery, posters, memes and memorabilia from our own computer laboratory. They also ordered the immediate removal of our local lab couch.

This couch is important to all of us. Mopa students are forced to stay overnight often and the lab's cold concrete floor doesn't welcome naps. This couch is clean, out of the way, and no one has had a problem with it.

This is where we make out stand, this couch is a student necessity, and it's fallen victim of bureaucratic and office politics. Help us save this couch and the future of filmmaking with it. 

Furniture liberation for all!