Calling for the resignation of LHSC, CEO. Dr. Woods and the reorganization of the board.

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Mr. Woods. CEO LHSC

Your actions stemming back prior to the labelling of Covid19 as a pandemic has been disgraceful. 

We have watched families, friends, and neighbors in our community, who are healthcare providers at LHSC, live in fear over a lack of PPE and their hightened anxieties from a complete lack of transparency by LHSC on the exact PPE inventory situation.  

Many, including myself, believed that in time questions would have to be answered as to how it got to a point where community members, such as myself, were collecting and distributing thousands of pieces of PPE from garages to your staff because they did not trust you. Yet you continued at the healm.

You praised your employees, going so far as calling them heroes in what would seem a thinly veiled attempt at inspiring confidence or cracking open donor wallets.

You followed up your praises shortly after with emails reprimanding staff for breaking rules, for for taking breaks in break spaces that you and the hospital board were aware was inadequate for social distancing. You blamed your heroes for people getting sick.

You threw your heroes under the bus.

You expected your employees not to travel. To follow the guidelines.

Now we have come to learn that while doing this you were crossing the border. Not for essential reasons, but because you could! Your excuse that you "live here alone" does not hold weight with the thousands of citizens that have not seen family since March or with the employees that you so easily use to deflect blame from yourself. I have spent weeks in hospital, unable to see my family and witnessed roommates passing away without family around them. Don't tell us your lonely. 

There is so much information for people to absorb. People are questioning social distancing measures and then when someone in charge of a major hospital, where not only patients with Covid19 are cared for but where some are dying, you have managed to slap everyone in the face.

It is time for you to resign and time for the board of directors to be reorganized for allowing this. ( How many board members were travelling as well )?

I am standing up for every Frontline Healthcare Worker who you and your board just insulted to say the least. Healthcare workers that stretch a distance far greater than the walls of LHSC.



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