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Cincinnati Zoo: Close Gorilla World and re-home the remaining gorillas to sanctuaries!

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In light of the tragic killing of 17-year-old lowland gorilla Harambe on May 29, 2016 - after a 3-year-old child somehow managed to breach the enclosure of the Gorilla World exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens - it should now be obvious to most people that highly intelligent, highly protective, and extremely powerful GORILLAS absolutely do NOT belong in zoos... anywhere in the world... except to possibly protect them from the current dangers that they face (habitat loss, deforestation, poaching, bushmeat, extinction... all man-made threats) in their natural environments in the wild. 

Still, those dangers are absolutely non-existent to zoo gorillas and other primates (as well as to any other wild-captured or zoo-bred animals) when they are allowed to be re-homed to recognized primate and animal sanctuaries... where they are can live out their sometimes very long lifetimes under the care of sanctuary personnel who are dedicated to providing these animals with safe environments that resemble as closely as possible the wild habitats from which they are often stolen, and in which they were meant to naturally live their lives - free from human interference. 

After the international outrage that ensued upon Harambe's death, we the undersigned feel that as a gesture of respect for his loss, and as an affirmation of the zoo's dedication to the conservation of the extremely endangered remaining nine lowland gorillas in their "care," that the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens should permanently CLOSE the Gorilla World exhibit and allow these gorillas to be re-homed to any of the several recognized primate and animal sanctuaries around the United States, where they are virtually guaranteed to never be threatened by this kind of situation again. (Most animal sanctuaries are not open to the public... they exist for the benefit of the animals, not people.)

The closure of Gorilla World would be a fitting commemoration of the loss of Harambe, and would send the unmistakable message that the Cincinnati Zoo is indeed dedicated to the preservation of the endangered species in its care, and throughout the world, and NOT solely motivated by profit.

It is the right, it is the moral, and it is the most compassionate thing that they could do after this tragedy... to forever honor the life of this amazing being who no longer walks the Earth, and to ensure the future survival of his fellow primates who still remain in captivity. 

Thank you in advance for your sincere and heartfelt consideration of this request. 



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