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Invite Artists of All Types and Revise Expert Panels at the MAMAs, MMAs, SMAs and GDAs

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Yearly music award shows are known to be pretty questionable. Some nominations for certain categories don't make any sense. And the lack of certain artists for some categories can also be pretty upsetting, especially when these artists have more than enough credibility to be nominated (see 2013 MAMAs and the lack of After School's pole dance nomination, or even 2015 MAMAs with BTS's hard-hitting dance "Dope" nowhere to be found in the best male dance group category). Not to mention how large of a chunk voting by biased fans plays into the results of these so called prestigious award shows.

It's almost common speech to say "I only care about the performances." This just shows how much of a joke the actual awards are. This is not to mention how many credible artists aren't even invited to perform, let alone be nominated for awards.

We are contesting the notion that popularity is what should matter in the end of the year award shows. Why should it? Why is there any harm in including unpopular artists in the line-up of performances? Where is the horror in having objective judges who look into the criteria of said awards from a wide range of artists?

MAMA's criteria of judges: "critics, journalists, album and concert affiliates, composer, songwriter and more from Korea, and Asian pop culture industry experts from abroad." Source. MMA has 0% expert panel voting in the main prizes (album, song, newcomer and artist of the year) and top 10 artists. Source. 29th GDA criteria does not state anything about any expert panel at all and instead say they count the volume of album sales. Source. SMAs include music sales and an "expert panel" in their criteria. Source

There should be an appreciation for art, regardless of an artist's popularity or lack thereof. The music industry has made it so that artists that are disadvantaged in terms of popularity from the get go have little room to have their art spread. It is so difficult for artists to showcase their music on a wide-scale level because in every aspect of the industry they are hindered. From weekly music shows that run as popularity contests to the unforgiving media that alienates these artists to any large scaled shows due to insiders of influential companies behind the scenes.

We want this change to the end of the year award shows specifically due to the following reasons:

-Faults in the system are that much more apparent, again due to how prestigious these awards are deemed as, and are even recognized by K-Pop artists such as G-Dragon (refer to his lyrics at the 2014 MAMAs).

-The performances are always the same performances from artists everyone already knows of during weekly award shows. Variety is nothing these shows facilitate which just makes the industry seem stale. The nominees tend to be extremely predictable, and half the excitement seems to vanish just from that.

Our Mission:

We want a variety of artists to be nominated and perform at the shows.
We want experts who are actual experts in various areas of performance and music; composing, dancing, singing, rapping etc.
We want to get rid of fan voting, or at least limit the percentage to which fans have any say in the outcome of the award distribution. This will not only limit the amount of fanwars, but will also allow for the awards to be distributed more objectively.

The only way the system will change is if the people who run these shows feel the need to change their age old setup. The only that happens is if we change. Our attitudes have to change. Our actions have to change.

We can change the system.

We all know life ain't fair, but why do we have to do nothing about the little injustices we see everyday in life?

If you feel like awards are meaningless anyway and you don't participate in award shows regardless, that's fine. You do not have to agree with our philosophy. But we strongly believe artists who have the talent and credibility to be recognized should be recognized.

Spread the word. Sign this petition and if you are willing to, boycott these awards shows by not attending or watching them.

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