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Release to the public and to Congress, immediately upon its completion, the Hoffman report investigating APA complicity with the Bush administration’s torture program.

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We are calling for transparency, accountability, and reform at the APA, the world’s largest organization of psychologists. The APA should fully commit to holding accountable anyone that the Hoffman report deems responsible for complicity with the Bush torture program.

We also, in solidarity with the Psychologists for Social Responsibility, call for the formation of a distinguished panel of experts in psychological, research, and medical ethics; organizational dynamics; and international law. This panel should be appointed by an independent and authoritative body in order to ensure thoroughgoing reform.

We further call, following Robert Jay Lifton, for “a proper confrontation” (in a legal context) of how the use of torture became legitimated among professional psychologists at the highest level of government. We demand a complete account of how this use of torture evolved and was rationalized at every level; and of how we as a nation can confront our participation in violating human rights; and how we may begin to move forward in an ethical way.

The public turns to psychologists for healing; the APA must act to restore public trust. We stand with Hippocrates. We stand against the misuse and abuse of power by helping professionals.

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