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Don't turn back the clock on oil shale!

The public’s business should be done in public. As a local elected official, your responsibility is to work on behalf of your constituents, not to advance the agenda of oil shale lobbyists and hatch plans in secret, closed-door meetings like the one recently held in Vernal, Utah. Oil shale speculation raises serious concerns and puts our water, our land, and our local economy at risk.

Therefore, we the undersigned request that you immediately:

1) End secret meetings where public business is discussed;

2) Rescind the oil shale resolution that backs an extreme plan to hand over 2 million acres of public lands to oil companies for oil shale speculation; and

3) Release all records pertaining to the meeting in Vernal, Utah that Uintah County officials have so far refused to release.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Board of County Commissioners, Garfield County, Colorado

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