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Approve a New Shelter for Clay County Animals

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In the wake of the MASS RESCUE OF ANIMALS from the catastrophic flooding at our old broken down shelter during Hurricane Irma, the animal advocates in Clay County and abroad were hopeful that Clay County Animal Services would finally get a new shelter. 

Apparently, that is not even on the radar to the County Commissioners....

We, as a community, voted for the Capital Improvements tax to create funds for the shelter. The money has been collected and can include a new shelter...one that is not 47 years old and does not have broken wiring and septic systems. One that can fully keep animals out of the weather elements, has enough kennel and cages to keep up with the amount of homeless animals, as well as have up to date technology and surgical/ medical supplies. But the Commissioners HAVE NOT AGREED to build one!

6 years ago, most of the animals who came into the shelter were euthanized. Things have changed! There is a now a huge group effort by CCAS employees and an ever-growing group of creative volunteers with The Friends of Clay County Animals Inc. who advocate and spend countless hours saving these animals lives, as well as providing medicine, heart worm treatments, life saving surgeries, and items for animal enrichment. Thousands of lives are saved every year, and this number continues to grow with the growth of the Clay Animal Community.

Clay's animals ARE NOT SAFE at the current shelter. In Hurricane Irma's flood, animals were swimming in their cages until a mass rescue was coordinated to get them out of the shelter. The old facility is located in a flood zone, many many miles away from the majority of the population. Clay County needs a new animal shelter where visitors and potential adopters can easily come to meet or volunteer. Our animals DESERVE this! 

There ARE funds allocated for a new shelter, this issue HAS BEEN DISCUSSED for several years with the Commissioners, and IT IS TIME for ACTION. Animal Lovers and Advocates throughout Clay and abroad are enthusiastically in support of a new shelter.


By supporting this petition you are adding your voice to those of Clay County residents and area supporters who believe in the positive, humane work that has begun at CCAS and can only continue with a next evolution of the shelter facilities. Thank you!