Appeal to BCCI to retire jersey number 7 in all formats of cricket in honour of MS Dhoni.

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MS Dhoni has been one of the best players and a legendary captain to have played for India leading the team to the highest feats possible in every format of the game. He has redefined captaincy, brought about a rennaissance in Indian cricket and has backed players in their sporting careers whilst amazing us with his skill and winning us games from behind the stumps. 

He has rised to the occasion and has carried the team through triumphs and losses. The winning six of the 2011 World Cup final would be etched in the memories of millions of Indian cricket fans who've longed for the world cup for 28 years.

The practice of retiring jersey numbers is quite a tradition in sports like basketball, football etc. and has also been seen in cricket may it be 'Cricket Australia' retiring number 64 in memory of Phil Hughes or even BCCI unofficially retiring number 10 in respect of our master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

People relate to Dhoni with the number 7 and this is just an appeal to commemorate the achievements and the spirit of our Captain Cool MS Dhoni by retiring the jersey number 7.

Jai Hind!