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Make XIMB Board more credible and effective

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The tenets of Good Governance requires that the weakest voice needs to be heard. This very tenet may have been recently violated at XIMB.


As an institute XIMB has come a long way from where the journey started. The infrastructure is world class, the alumni strength is large and some of the alumni members are recognized leaders globally. All of this was possible due to the efforts of the founders - the Jesuit Society and the state of Odisha. Therefore there is a need to ensure that neither the Jesuits nor the Government of Odisha becomes a party to a decision which is unfair and unjust. The Board of Governors are hereby requested to step in and ensure that there is a proper mechanism being followed (specially instructions of the board to the administration). If the board had given any directions to the administrators which have been circumvented then there should be immediate action to ensure justice is done. There is a need to ensure that every stakeholder in the institution - the faculty, student and administrators have an avenue to air their grievances. 


Good Governance requires independence of the board. This can be established only through proper composition and regular rotation of board members.


Some of the board members (including the Chairman) have been around for more than 5 years. Such long tenures have always led to familiarity and therefore errors in governance. Good governance requires independence through rotation. Shouldn't the regulation of rotation of board members every 5 years(as followed in corporate boards) be applicable here as well? What justifies independent directors having such long tenures on the board of XIMB? How is it beneficial? The Govt nominees are rotated. Why shouldn't the others? Why have politicians on the board? The Government has adequate representation anyway.

There have been 27 batches till now who have graduated and been contributed by XIMB to the field of business, entrepreneurship, politics and social impact. In these intervening years many illustrious alumni have become undisputed leaders in their respective fields. In such a scenario it is prudent to have some representation from this pool on the Board of Governors of XIMB. This would enhance the profile of the board and also connect the most significant stakeholders, the alumni, to the institute in a very real way. XLRI, the sister institution, has a large alumni representation on it's Governing Board. It is time to do that at XIMB as well. It is there in letter (it exists in the charter) but NOT in spirit.


As well-wishers and stakeholders in the growth of XIMB, we feel that the recent termination process followed in the case of Prof. Banikanta Mishra and Prof. D V Raman suffers from the defect of denial of natural justice and needs to be addressed keeping the dignity of all the parties concerned.

Hence, the following course of action is suggested:

1. The two Professors should be reinstated immediately with  teaching/library/computer/internet facilities. However, they may be allowed access to their chambers and retain their residential quarters.

2. They should be charge sheeted for their alleged acts of omission and commission, preferably within 7 days of joining duty.

3. A neutral & mutually acceptable body should be engaged to enquire into the issues listed in the charge sheet and submit its report within three months. 

4. If necessary, the Alumni Chapters and National President are ready to render necessary assistance in the selection of the members of the neutral body.

5. Based on the report of the neutral body, further course of action can be taken.


We therefore urge the Board to perform it's duty and setup the neutral body to undertake the enquiry.

It is a matter of concern that the Board hasn't responded to the representations and requests so far. The issue will not go away on it's own and needs the board to perform it's duties. That is the first step requested from the board to reclaim it's credibility. 

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