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Bmthmc : Please help Save two innocent dogs lifes !

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My two Staffordshire bull terriers are being discriminated against and injustice has been done. As my dogs tyson and hope are soppy , loving dogs that we're both hand reared & around kids when they were puppys and are amazing around my two children 5 & 6 years old. My children adore them.

Bournemouth Magistrates court are considering destroying them because it is claimed that they were both dangerously out of control. The judge didnt even seem to care that the so called victim and her mothers storys didnt even match. even though my dog was the one that was injured when she was bitten on her eye by a cockapoo when she was picked up her owner triggering her to attack due to defence anxiety. 

So my dogs both nipped her dog to tell her off causing no injury to the dog and being Staffordshire bull terriers if they ment any real harm things would have got ugly and been over very quickly. Aslo the owner of the cockapoo was bent over with her albows on her thy's with her dog in her hands turning in circle's with her dog snarling and snaping at my dogs. 

Dogs being dogs with the instinct to chase my dogs were going around in circles after the cockapoo although they wernt growling or doing it in a aggressive mannor. However durring this the womens leg was bitten and had a small wound to her leg.

With none of the witnesses able to say wich dog it was wether it was her own dog or any of my dogs. With two experts both declaring the bite mark inconclusive. My dogs have been blamed with no evidence to prove it was any of my dogs never mind prove it was done intentionally.

So please help save my innocent dogs

Many thanks 

  • Dean read.

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