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Refund all customers who have been affected by the 5 blackouts in the last 7 months

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*** Update ***

BlueHost & Hostgator (where I have domains on a VPS and shared servers) are currently experiencing yet another blackout.  The previous blackout officially lasted 31 hours.  I was offered 5 months of "hush money" as a refund.  Well, I'm NOT HUSHING!  When will the current May 6th blackout be fixed?  Nobody knows, but just about every domain is down from what I can tell.

*** End of Update ***

People have put their faith into BlueHost and HostGator and many run important businesses with them.  I have more than a dozen domains between the two hosts, myself.  Since being purchased by the Endurance International Group (EIG), there are been 5 major blackouts since August of 2013.  This is unacceptable, and they have done nothing but offer apologies on their Twitter accounts and in their forums.

It's time to step up and pay us for the money they cost us!  What's fair is fair, and even though they're "sister companies" now under EIG, it's only fair that we be refunded for the money we've lost. So even if your site came back and was perfect after this latest blackout, please sign and share this petition.

However, these web hosts must take responsibility for websites that were still affected, post-blackout, as well.  A website could have been constructed perfectly, but may show 404 errors and such after a blackout like these.  If your site has been affected, please sign and share this petition!

So don't fall for their usual lines - "oh, we're working hard on this" or "oh we're so sorry for the inconvenience", and lines like that.  Don't be happy that your site is back up, 'cause it's just gonna happen again next month.  Step up and sign/share this petititon for a couple of reasons.  (1) They must be held financially accountable for affecting our finances, and (2) we have to do more than slap 'em on the wrist to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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