Call to remove all glorified imagery of Blue Mountains 'Explorers' from townships

Call to remove all glorified imagery of Blue Mountains 'Explorers' from townships

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In light of the current civil rights movement bringing attention to the continued atrocities First Nations and People of Colour face across the world, it feels truly insensitive to glorify imagery of their historical oppressors.

The Blue Mountains is home and has been home to the Dharug and Gundungurra Nations for hundreds of years, this land was/is inhabited and thriving due to the First Nations People who fostered and cared for it for centuries. White colonisers invaded (or as we like to say 'Explored') our part of The Great Dividing Range in 1813 and claimed it as their own 'discovery'.

This result of this colonisation had First Nations communities terrorised, imprisoned, harassed, and moved away which continues to this day. The idea that the community of The Blue Mountains, often known for being accepting and open, would continue to glorify Colonisers rather than Aboriginal Elders seems outdated and cruel. 

I would like to call for all glorified imagery such as 'statues', 'busts' and the like of William Wentworth, Gregory Blaxland and William Lawson to be removed from public spaces. I would suggest that they be replaced with imagery of Aboriginal Elders who have been part of our community for decades. I would also suggest we replace this imagery with local Indigenous Artworks, commissioned and paid for by the Council. 

I believe the future of the Blue Mountains should be inclusive and welcoming to everyone, by signing this petition you do to. 

I plan to send these petition results to BMCC and any local officials including Mayor Mark greenhill.