Help 19 Year Old Animal Advocate Adopt BSL Victim Duncan

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For Duncan's full story from Blue Cross:

Duncan was a stray dog taken in by Blue Cross.  He was severely emaciated and had an injury that required immediate medical attention, but was extremely friendly and loving.

In the U.K., organizations must alert the local authorities of all stray dogs that come into their care.  In this case, the authorities ruled that Duncan closely resembled one of the breeds banned under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dog Act.  This meant that by law, he could not be rehomed, and had to be euthanized.

I am a huge animal advocate, certified AKC evaluator, dog trainer/behaviorist, canine nutritionist and am certified in canine genetics.  I also run a Bully Breed awareness campaign called Behind BSL.  I've seen and heard stories of dogs dying from BSL.  I hear their owner's telling their stories, and carrying on their legacy.  But Duncan is different.  His story stood out to me because all he's known as is "that stray".  He didn't have an owner, a home, a family.  No one to continue to tell his story.  Duncan is a dog I would've felt privileged to adopt, and I still would.  I want to "adopt" Duncan from the Blue Cross.  I feel his soul and story deserve more than what the law allowed him.  I want to carry on his legacy and help him be remembered as more than just another rescue dog who never found a home.  I want to show people that dogs like Duncan are more than "collateral damage", as stated by Lord Gardiner.  Duncan was an innocent life lost.  A life who left this world with no one to love and remember him to his name.  He deserves more than that.  On behalf of him, and in honor of every dog like him who is killed daily due to BSL, I am willing to pay whatever adoption fee, fill out whatever papers - for a dog that no longer lives.  I want to honor him and I want to show the Blue Cross that I am not alone in caring about him and so many more dogs whose stories never get told.  I don't want his story to stop being told.  Please sign this petition to help support me, and show Blue Cross how much we want this for Duncan.  And thank you, Blue Cross, for sharing his story to begin with.  Please allow me to continue it.