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In October of 2011, my father Henry Young -- a 62-year-old husband and father of three who was employed with Philips Medical System in Andover, MA -- had a heart attack while in the gym at work. His heart stopped ten times, leaving his brain deprived of oxygen. After being comatose for several weeks, he miraculously awoke one day and began making great strides towards recovery. Currently undergoing rehab at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital, he has made enough progress to convince his medical team, family, and friends that with continued rehab he will regain functional motor and cognitive skills.

Despite the critical progress my Dad has made in recent weeks, his insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield will cease coverage of my father's rehab this coming Monday, March 5, 2012. If this happens, my family will be put in the position of choosing to either continue treatment and face financial ruin or give up on our beloved father & husband's recovery process.

Health insurance is supposed to be there when you need it most. It's wrong for Blue Cross Blue Shield to drop coverage when my father's future depends on it. Please take a stand and help us change Blue Cross Blue Shield's mind. Not only is this morally and ethically wrong, this is a travesty of justice! Don't think this couldn't happen to you; be the change you want to see!

Letter to
VP of Claims Management, Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts Ted Burke
Director of Claims Operations, Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts Lea Wierzbicki
VP of Claims Management at Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts Ann McLaughlin
On Monday, March 5th, 2012, Henry Young will stop receiving critical rehab treatment, after suffering a severe heart attack last October during which his heart stopped ten times.

His family will be faced with two choices - to either continue treatment and face financial ruin, or to give up on their beloved father and husband. That's because Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is denying coverage for Henry's rehab - treatment that his own neurologist deemed critical to his recovery.

Insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield should not be allowed to cut and run when patients require extended medical care. Henry must continue rehab treatment in order to regain motor and cognitive skills. It's our hope that Blue Cross Blue Shield will review Henry's case and change its decision to deny this critical coverage.

Please, do the right thing. A family is waiting for your answer.

Thank you.

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