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Drop Accredo/Express Scripts for specialty drugs or provide customers an alternate choice for filling medications.

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Many chronic conditions require expensive drugs to treat. This drugs often need to be taken consistently in order to be effective. Many insurance company's contain costs on these drugs by using mail order specialty pharmacies. When these companies are patient and customer focused this can be a good thing which helps patients be empowered in their own care and saves money for the insurer.  However, the consequences of a poorly run speciality pharmacy include patients missing doses of life saving drugs or the risk of serious prescribing errors.

Anthem, like many insurers uses a specialty pharmacy for these drugs. The one Anthem has designated is Accredo which is owned by Express Scripts. Unfortunately for Anthem's customers, Accredo is one of the all time worst specialty pharmacies.  Customers continually get the run around and encounter road blocks trying to get their prescriptions filled and delivered on time. A simple Internet search will turn up countless stories of incompetence on the part of Accredo. For a sample, you can visit this blog by a frustrated mom who also shares stories of other people's struggles with Accredo.  There's also a Down with Express Scripts/Accredo Facebook community where customers are voicing their problems trying to get medications filled.

Those of us signing this petition are Anthem customer who just want to receive our medications and take care of our own health. We recognize that Anthem needs to contain costs on these meds but maintaining our health is important to us and also reduces the cost of our medical care. In a true free market, we, the customers, would choose to fill our prescriptions elsewhere and drive this awful company out of business.  However, Anthem doesn't provide us any other options for filling our prescriptions.  All we ask is that Anthem stand by their customers and either drop Accredo in favour of a different specialty pharmacy or provide a second choice and allow us, the customers, to vote for the better company with our healthcare dollars.  


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