Remove the Columbus Statue from Bloomfield NJ

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On the town green in Bloomfield NJ (across from the library) is a statue of Christopher Columbus. As many know, Columbus set out on a voyage in an attempt to find shorter passage to the east. He instead ended up in the Bahamas where he committed various atrocities against the indigenous population, including slavery and murder.  It is unconscionable that a town that proclaims to be diverse and welcoming of all such as Bloomfield has memorial to this man on full display in the center of town. It is past time to remove it. This statue sends a message to any that see it that he is a celebrated figure, when in reality there are many other historical figures to memorialize that do not represent racism and genocide, and instead celebrate the contributions that BIPOC people from NJ have made to the world. 

Please sign this petition, maybe if there are enough people the leaders of our town will listen.