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Remove Symmetra from Overwatch

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Playing Overwatch is supposed to be a fun experience, but the character by the name of "Symmetra" often ruins this experience. I believe that the character should be removed, or at least changed drastically to the point where everyone can enjoy a game without any broken Symmetra's in it. Almost any team with a Symmetra on it is guaranteed to win, all because of that one player, and it is extremely unfair. I also believe that it would positively affect Blizzard's image if they removed or changed this character, because I have heard this request quite often in-game and outside of the game, so Blizzard should listen to their players. In the case that the character is not removed, but only changed; I think players would prefer her weapon to be more unique and require more skill than simply holding the left mouse button. Her weapon is too much like the character Winston's as well, so the character design can often seem sloppy or rushed, for either characters. Another good change for Symmetra would be a limit on her turrets of 4-5, with a possible decrease in damage. If you dislike this character as well, I urge you to sign this petition so that Blizzard will listen to their players and do something about the situation to make everyone's Overwatch experience more enjoyable and fair. 

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