Remove spell batching from Classic WoW

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This petition is to make Blizzard remove spell batching from their game, World of Warcraft Classic. This "feature" has been in the game since the release of Classic, due to a different version of it being in the true Vanilla WoW years ago. However, back then people had much poor internet compared to today, and this feature is implemented mainly to make the game more playable with higher pings.

 What is Spell Batching?

For those unfamiliar, Spell Batching refers to how the WoW servers process incoming interactions. Instead of processing everything immediately, the server creates batches of actions (attacks, buffs, debuffs, etc) in order to process them all together. This is done to optimize the amount of time the server spends processing those effects. The side effect of this is that actions in the same batch are considered simultaneous and don't affect one another. In the past, back when servers had less computing power than phones nowadays have, these windows could be very large, with some games having up to 200ms windows of batching, including WoW. With better technology and servers, this system was improved over the years and, while it still exists, and effects from it can still be seen, the windows are much smaller, being 20ms wide for abilities in retail WoW. This means that abilities cast within 20ms of each other are considered simultaneous in the eyes of the retail WoW servers, while this window was about 200ms during Vanilla. This large window leads to very interesting interactions, as listed below, mages able to Polymorph each other at the same time, other classes being able to break CC like Polymorph by using self-harm effects like   Dark Rune, etc. This happened because those abilities ended up in the same batch of actions, being validated before the other happened. These effects have very important repercussions in PvP mainly, so it is important that Blizzard is keeping the large window for spell batching to preserve the Vanilla experience in Classic.