World of Warcraft: Help Nisha Marry Anduin! #ProposalProject #Blizzard

World of Warcraft: Help Nisha Marry Anduin! #ProposalProject #Blizzard

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Cosmic Glider started this petition to Blizzard Entertainment and

Help Make Gaming History in World of Warcraft! Help Nisha Marry Anduin & Become Stormwind's 2nd Black Queen!

I started playing World of Warcraft toward the tail-end of Legion.  As a moderator for Twitch streamer Empyre, chat members urged me to play when he created a guild on stream.  My would-be guild-mates pressured me, but for two weeks I resisted them. Then they told me I could play free up to level 20...

I caved.

I chose to start as a human mage in Northshire with my 'adventurer name' Cosmic Glider, and I grouped with one of my future guildies as he tried to power level me through Elwynn. The first creature I killed?  A bunny, just to learn the controls!

Fast-forward a few levels, my guildie was out of game time and I was questing by myself through Westfall.  The sun was setting, Argus was looming in the sky, I found myself at the scene of a murder... they even killed the horse!  I admit, I was creeped out. I didn't sign up for murder mysteries, and seeing Argus had me connecting every quest to demons. By the time I witnessed the 'Rise of Defias' I was ready to quit... I wasn't sure I was having fun.

I was sent back to Stormwind to tell the King what had happened at Sentinel Hill. When I got to the Keep, King Anduin's words changed my entire perspective on my experience. He said, "Stormwind honors your service to the Alliance". Suddenly all these grueling quests seemed worth it, somehow by completing them, I was serving! Suddenly I felt like, I'd do them all over again!

I learned about the loss of his mother, and as of Legion the loss of his father too. I was still reeling from the pain of losing my own mother a few years back, and my father, several years before that.  Like Anduin, I also know the pain of losing both parents.

When I became exalted with Stormwind, I used my rep as an excuse to hang out in the Keep. Starting on a PVE realm, I started regularly flagging myself PVP at lvl 60, attempting to defend SW Keep by his side. I've held on to his various sayings as a real source of encouragement while I built up my rested XP.

Which brings me to my bold request; Can you help me be with my true love? Can you help my character marry King Anduin? Can you help my adventure continue?!

So many possibilities!

My main, Cosmicglider can be found, on Windrunner in the Keep. Feel free to ask for free mage food, portals, or Intellect Boosts! I also have clones on MoonGuard, Kel'thuzad, Sargeras, and some lowbie Cosmic's on other realms that I'm still leveling!  Feel free to ask my alts for free mage food and ports as well!

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